Client Testimonials

I just had to write to tell you what a hit your photobooth was with our guests! I had so many people say what a great idea it was. So unique and so much fun for everyone. Way better than a favor on the tables. Thanks for putting together such a nice album that I’m sure Sarah and Clark will enjoy for many years to come. Thanks again!
Lindsey Spencer

The photo booth was the best idea. We have looked at that book ten times already and we just laugh and laugh every time at all the photos and messages from people. What a great keepsake to have of our absolutely perfect day! Well worth the money for anyone who is thinking about using it. Thank you again and we will talk to you soon!
Meghan and Luke

First of all, let me start with a big THANK YOU to you guys for your work with the PhotoBooth. It was a HUGE hit to say the least! Everyone keeps pulling their photostrips out of their purse to show me…and I’ve looked at the album a million times and laugh harder each time!!
Meghan Allen